On the inception the Radio and Television of Afghanistan has started itís operation in the name of Radio Kabul on 1304, during the era of King Amannullah Khan, two radio transmitters with the capacity of 400 watt have been procured from the German company of Telephonkan, one of those has been installed on Koti Londoni near the bridge of Artel which subsequently started to its operation and the second one had been transferred to Kandahar which on that period the musical programs and news were only being broadcasted for few hours.

It was constantly running till the internal rebellion started. Then the radio transmitters had been destroyed and on 1319 during the period of King Zahir Shah another radio transmitter has been purchased with the power of 25 KW from the same company and it has been installed on Yaka-Tot area and subsequently started to its operation.

At the meantime its studio equipments had also been facilitated and installed on Pole-Baghe Omomi area and it enabled to start the broadcasting of proportionally compete radio programs which consisted musical, news and the programs were being live broadcasted.

On 1335 the issue of broadcasting the programs on foreign languages had been discussed. Thus, two short wave radio transmitters with the power of10 KW and 50 Kw had been purchased from German Siemens company and they had been installed on adjacent of Medium Wave transmitters on new building with the number of Antennas toward different zones, Western Europe, Africa and South East and subsequently began to its operation. Then on 1340 a medium frequency Radio transmitter with the power of 100 KW and one short wave radio transmitter for the purpose of strengthening the foreign languages programs had been purchased from Siemens Company and following those had been installed on the area of Yaka-tot and Pole-Cherkhi and started to operation. Though that project had been completed on 1344 and become ready for rendering the services.

Therefore, the broadcasting of Radio Afghanistan have been amplified and the name of Radio Kabul changed to Radio Afghanistan and started its full fledge broadcasting with the period of 18 Hr daily.
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